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Located in the Bernardsville, New Jersey area, Ken-Rent provides wedding equipment and supply rental services. We proudly serve all residential and commercial customers in the Somerset, Morris, Hunterton, Union, Essex and Middlesex County areas.

Seating & Space Guide For Entertainment

Rule of Thumb for estimating seating capacity per square foot:

For Banquet Style Seating:

When using oblong tables, divide the room area (sq ft) by 8
When using round tables, divide the room area (sq ft) by 10

These figures are for maximum seating. If space is available for more comfortable seating, allow an additional 2 sq ft per person.

For Classroom Style Seating:

Divide the "student" seating area (sq ft) by 8

For Theater Style Seating:

Divide "spectator" seating area (sq ft) by 6

This method of figuring allows for chair and passage aisle. It does not allow for problems caused by wide traffic aisle, location of columns, server doors or unique room shapes. It is useful for a quick, general approximation.


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